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  1. David Craig says:

    Hello Emily. L9 crosses my property. I have been on or around this property all my life. I thing the time Frame for the construction for this line originally is a bit off. The newspaper says 40 years. I purchased this property in 1973 and the pipeline had been on the property aqbout 15 years at that point. I remember watching it being built and in fact one of the original foremen on the job lived with my grandparents as a boarder. I am very close to the Hilton station. The pipeline is within 300 metres opf the graves of my father, my grandparents great grandparents and Great great grandparents. I will ask around and see if anyone can put an exact year on it. It is older than dirt.

    • Hi David, is there any chance you could be talking about the TransNorthern pipeline? It is a bit older than Line 9, but they share the right of way. In fact, many portions of the right of way are shared by Enbridge Line 9, TransNorthern (refined products e.g. diesel and jet fuel) and TransCanada’s gas line. Many people know about the gas line because they are served by it, but few know about the high pressure petroleum pipelines in their back yards. Thanks for your comment!

  2. Jeff Gammon says:

    Hi Emily. I grew up in Glenburnie too. Line 9 ran through the field behind our house where I grew up on Glenburnie road (between Shannon’s corners and Elginburg). I remember there was construction on the line when I was a kid…maybe around the early 80’s. It was pretty major; I remember they dug up and replaced the pipes. When the workers were finished for the day, my brother and I used to walk back through the fields and play on the bulldozers and tractors. This might have been around the time when they reversed the line?
    I too remember seeing the line from both Glenburnie West and Glenburnie East public schools.

  3. Roberta Cory says:

    Hi Emily – Would you please provide a detailed map of Line 9 running just north of London – we know it crosses Hyde Park Rd. and Highbury Rd. and Birr. If residents knew it route they would be up in arms!! Roberta Cory

  4. cjwild2014 says:

    Emily, I am so glad to have found this page today, particularly the maps! I was at the Toronto Defend our Climate rally yesterday, and have become increasingly active in opposing tarsand and pipeline expansion overall, and more and more Line 9 too. I have decided to reach out to friends more than I have been, because I really think that a lot of people just don’t get how bad Line 9 is, and the terrible danger it poses. People need to know. I’ll be posting a link to this page on my FB page, so my local friends (I’m in Mississauga) may start to grasp just how important it is to stop this damn thing. Will be following you!

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