Oil Sands

My journey to Alberta to learn more about the Oil Sands.

Oil Sands 1

Pipeline segments heading north into the Oil Sands.

Oil Sands 2

North of Fort McMurray, highway exits are marked by mine names. Next stop, Suncor.

Oil Sands 3

Enbridge storage tank facility near Suncor operation.

Oil Sands 4

Suncor Oil Sands Operation north of Fort McMurray.

Oil Sands 5

Syncrude East Mine Reclamation.

Oil Sands 6

Syncrude operation from other side of the East Mine Reclamation zone.

Oil Sands 7

Syncrude operation up close.

Oil Sands 8

Employee housing next to Suncor facility.

Oil Sands 9

Syncrude Oil Sands operation from across tailings pond.

Oil Sands 10

Syncrude plant to the left. East mine on the right.

Oil Sands 11

One of hundreds of coach buses taking employees to Oil Sands.

Oil Sands 14

Set for takeoff in a small prop plane.

Oil Sands 15

The scale of this project is so immense, it is impossible to comprehend.

Oil Sands 16

Notice the fragmentation of the land. This is Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) in the OilSands.

Oil Sands 17

Another perspective of SAGD. Cleaner Oil Sands? Although less visually destructive, this method is death by 1000 cuts.

Oil Sands 18

More SAGD operations from my flight over the Oil Sands.

Oil Sands 19

Oil Sands worker camps. Thousands of people live here.

Oil Sands 20

One of the Oil Sands open pit mines from above.

Oil Sands 21

The Oil Sands are growing exponentially, with little regard for the environment and people downstream.

Oil Sands 22

Tailings ponds scattered across the Oil Sands. Most are elevated above the Athabasca River.

Oil Sands 23

When will we realize it’s time to slow down? The pace of this operation is unsustainable.

Oil Sands 24

Trucks the size of a two storey house are all but a speck on the land.

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