Local Maps

These maps were independently created and have not been verified by Enbridge. The margin of error over the entire pipeline is less than 1 km when compared to Enbridge maps submitted to the NEB. Red placemarks are pipeline verification points (road crossings). Maps are posted in a West to East direction.

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Flamborough (Hamilton)

Flamborough (Hamilton) - S Flamborough (Hamilton) - M


Burlington - S Burlington - M


Oakville - S1Oakville - M1 Oakville - S2 Oakville - M2


 Mississauga - S1 Mississauga - M1 Mississauga - S2 Mississauga - M2


     Toronto - S1 Toronto - M1 Toronto - S2 Toronto - M2 Toronto - S3 Toronto - M3


Scarborough - S Scarborough - M


 Pickering-Ajax - S Pickering-Ajax - M


 Whitby-Oshawa - S1 Whitby-Oshawa - M1 Whitby-Oshawa - S2 Whitby-Oshawa - M2


 Bomanville-Clarington - S Bomanville-Clarington - M


 Newcastle-Newtonville - S Newcastle-Newtonville - M

Port Hope

 Port Hope - S Port Hope - M


 Cobourg - S Cobourg - M


 Grafton - S Grafton - M


 Castleton - S Castleton - M


 Brighton-Trenton - S Brighton-Trenton - M

Quinte West

 Quinte West - S Quinte West - M


 Belleville - S Belleville - M


 Shannonville - S Shannonville - M


 Napanee - S Napanee - M


 Odessa - S Odessa - M


 Kingston - S Kingston - M


 Glenburnie-Joyceville - S Glenburnie-Joyceville - M


 Gananoque - S Gananoque - M


 Landsdowne - S Landsdowne - M


 Mallorytown - S Mallorytown - M


 Lyn - S Lyn - M


 Brockville - S Brockville - M


 Prescott - S Prescott - M


 Cardinal - S Cardinal - M


 Iroquois - S Iroquois - M


 Morrisburg - S Morrisburg - M


 Ingleside - S Ingleside - M


 Cornwall - S Cornwall - M


 Martintown - S Martintown - M

Green Valley

 Green Valley - S Green Valley - M

Ontario/Quebec Border

 Ontario Quebec Border - S Ontario Quebec Border - M

Ottawa River Crossing

 Ottawa River Crossing - S Ottawa River Crossing - M


 Mirabel - S Mirabel - M


 Blainville - S Blainville - M


 Terrebonne - S Terrebonne - M


 Montreal - S Montreal - M

23 Responses to Local Maps

  1. Linda Campbell says:

    Having heard a discussion on CBC of the proposal to use the Enbridge pipeline in a west-east direction to transport heavy oil, I was prompted to go to the web site to check the route. I don’t see a local map of the Brockville/Maitland area and wonder if this could be provided.

    • Hi Linda,

      Thank you very much for your input. We have now posted a Brockville/Maitland map as requested. The line runs between Centennial Rd and Buells Creek Reservoir, going through the solar farm before crossing South Augusta and continuing east just below Stones Corners. Please let us know if you have any further questions and thank you for helping to raise awareness about Line 9.

  2. Linda Campbell says:

    Many thanks for your prompt response.

  3. pennyvane says:

    Thank you so much! I learned from your maps that my cousin’s house is within 500 feet! She’s on high ground, but too close to the fumes. I passed the maps on so she can show others.

    • We’re pleased to hear you’ve found the maps useful! 500 feet is about 150m. Enbridge says that all residents within 200m are considered “neighbours” and are informed about the pipeline location and any changes at least once every three years. We’d be very interested to hear if your cousin has been contacted by an Enbridge official about this project. Thank you for your comment!

  4. Chandra says:

    How do we obtain Enbridge proposed pipe line maps

  5. Roland Schubert says:

    Would it be possible to see a map from Bryanston to where the line crosses the Thames River north east of London Ont.

  6. Nada Pasko says:

    I would like to see maps (at least one) WEST of Hamilton (Westover). In fact, all the way from Sarnia, if possible. Thank you.

  7. Nada Pasko says:

    Very much appreciated. Thank you so much! This is exactly what I was looking for.

  8. Veronica says:

    do you have a map of London?

  9. Denis says:

    Is this line9 project in any way related to the TransCanada energy east pipeline project? More specifically in Eastern Ontario, if they are two different pipelines, will they share the same corridor? http://www.energyeastpipeline.com/

  10. Gabriel says:

    I just learned that I live at less than 1 km of the pipeline ! Thanks guys

  11. Paul Mann says:

    Is any line passing through Mississauga Rd / Bovaird Dr in Brampton

  12. Gale says:

    Maps are not clickable.

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