Please click a map below to open Pipeline Integrity details for that area.

These maps indicate MP (mile posts) and Valve locations. Enbridge uses MP’s in much of their documentation of pipeline engineering assessments. However, the average citizen does not know where these numbers are in relation to where they live.

Purple = Mile Posts (marker every 5 miles)

Yellow = Emergency Shutoff Valve

NOTE: These maps were independently created and cross referenced with documents Enbridge has submitted to the NEB, but have not been verified by an Enbridge official.

Click Maps Below for Detailed 5 Mile Segments and Valve Numbers

Entire Line 9B

System Map

Hamilton to Etobicoke (MP 1860 – MP 1900)

Hamilton to Etobicoke - 1860-1900

North York to Whitby (MP 1900 – MP 1940)

North York to Whitby - 1900-1940

Oshawa to Cobourg (MP 1940 – MP 1980)

Oshawa to Cobourg - 1940-1980

Cobourg to Belleville (MP 1980 – MP 2020)

Cobourg to Belleville - 1980-2020

Belleville to Kingston (MP 2020 – MP 2060)

Belleville to Kingston - 2020-2060

Kingston to Mallorytown (MP 2060 – MP 2100)

Kingston to Mallorytown - 2060-2100

Mallorytown to Iroquois (MP 2100 – MP 2140)

Mallorytown to Iroquois - 2100-2140

Iroquois to Lancaster (MP 2140 – MP 2180)

Iroquois to Lancaster - 2140-2180

Lancaster to Quebec Border (MP 2180 – MP 2220)

Lancaster to Quebec Border - 2180-2220

Mirabel to Montreal (MP 2220 – MP 2260)

Mirabel to Montreal - 2220-2260

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