Key Points

99.999% Safety Record = 130,000 Barrels Spilled

  • Enbridge states the company has a 99.999% safety rating and have successfully transported over 13 Billion barrels of oil over the past 10 years.
  • So, how much is the unsuccessful 0.001% of oil transported? This is equivalent to 15.5 Million Litres, which represents over 6 Kalamazoo spills (Line 6B – Marshall, Michigan).

Enbridge is replacing Line 3 ($7 Billion), but not Line 9. Why? 

  • Both Line 3 and Line 9 are of the same era and outdated engineering standards.

Line 9 (1975) only meets engineering standards of 1971. 

  • Single layer polyethylene tape coating is known to disbond (peel away from pipe) (Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) coating now used on new pipelines).
  • Line 9 – 30” diameter pipe with 0.25″ wall thickness. (Does not meet present day standards from CSA Z662)
  • Northern Gateway would be built at today’s minimum standard of 0.375”
  • Line 9 is a 30 inch pipe, with longitudinal seems, coated in a single layer of polyethylene tape (same as ruptured line 6B).
  • Single layer polyethylene tape coating is known to disbond and industry now uses Fusion Bond Epoxy (FBE) coating on new pipelines.
  • Pinhole leaks cannot be detected by Enbridge’s leak detection system.

Poor Public Awareness Program – Many residents living along the pipeline – who rely on well water – are still unaware of Line 9 and were not given sufficient notice to participate in the NEB hearing.

  • Line 9 Communities has received over 11,000 views for maps. People still don’t know.
  • Pipeline within 50kms of 9.1 Million people – Most highly populated area of Canada!

Water Issues

  • Line 9 crosses many watersheds that flow into Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River.
  • Not all valves can automatically be shut off from the Edmonton, AB control center.
  • Line 9 still has many manual valves with a wheel which must be manually cranked by a field technician – even through winter months along unplowed roads.
  • Communities along Line 9 need safe drinking water. Small, pinhole leaks could contaminate wells and source water for the over 9.1 million people along the line

NEB Condition 9 – Enbridge must file an updated Engineering Assessment.

  • Line 9B Engineering Assessment filed with NEB was based on 2004-2006 data.
  • Results of 2012-2013 inspections were not included in hearing process, even though Enbridge had the results in January 2013.

NEB Condition 12 – Enbridge must provide information about estimated maximum amount of oil released before a leak is detected. 

  • No amount of oil released should be acceptable!

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