History of Enbridge Spills (USA Only)

2002 (July 4th) – Cohasset, Minnesota – 6,000 barrels. Cause: Cracking caused by train shipping induced cracking of the pipe being delivered. 2003 (January 24th) – Douglas County, Wisconsin – 2,380 barrels. 2007 (January 1st) – Superior, Wisconsin – 1,500 barrels. Cause: Incomplete fusion of a longitudinal weld at the pipe maker that failed as pressure cycle was established as the cause. 2007 (February 2nd) – Rusk County, Wisconsin – 4,800 barrels – only 2,066 recovered. 2007 (November 13th) – Clearbrook Minnesota – Line 3. 2007 (November 27th) – Clearbrook, Minnesota – killed two employees. Enbridge was cited for failing to safely and adequately perform maintenance and repair activities, clear the designated work area from possible sources of ignition, and hire properly trained and qualified workers. 2009 (May 21st) – Superior, Wisconsin – 155 barrels. 2010 (January 2nd) – Neche, North Dakota – Line 3 – 3784 barrels released – only 2,237 recovered. Cause: Material defect. 2010 (April 17th) – Deer River, Minnesota – Line 2. Cause: Crack-like feature associated with the longitudinal weld seam on inside of the pipe. 2010 (July 26th) – Marshall, Michigan – Line 6B – 27,132 barrels. Cause: Known but unrepaired cracks and external corrosion. 2010 (September 9th) – Romeoville, Illinois – Line 6A – 7,500 barrels. 2012 (Feb 15th) – Arenac County, Michigan – oil discovered in soil around an Enbridge oil pipeline. 2012 – Grand Marsh, Wisconsin – 1,200 barrels – pipeline installed in 1998. Cause: Flaws in the longitudinal welds had been seen during X-ray checks of girth welds. 2012 (November 20th) – Mokena, Illinois – 905 barrels. … Will YOUR Community Be Next?


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