Request to Participate Form

Procedural Update No. 1

Document Includes:

  • Revised List of Issues – #3 and #8 have been slightly modified (Appendix I)
  • Application to Participate Form (Appendix II)
  • Guidance (Appendix III)

Requirements of Request to Participate Form:

  • Personal Contact Info (Name, Address, Phone# etc.)
  • Declaration of whether you will be ‘directly affected’ or have ‘relevant information or expertise’ (check box). Also, declare the source of your knowledge (eg. academic, local/regional, aboriginal, professional, or other) Note: As long as you justify why your information needs to be heard, EVERYBODY is eligible to participate. 
  • Explanation as to which issue you will address from the Issues List
  • Your Level of Participation (Letter of Comment or Intervenor) Note: Intervenors are eligible for the Board’s Participant Funding Program
  • Choice of Language to receive correspondence
  • Acceptance of Privacy Agreement


  • Declaration that you have permission to speak on behalf of others
  • Contact information of an authorized representative
  • Curriculum Vitae, Reference Letter, Description of Relevant Experience, etc.

PLEASE do not be intimidated by the paperwork. It’s free to apply for participant status.

For any inquiries about participating, contact NEB Process Advisor Michael Benson at or send us an email at

About Emily Ferguson

Proud Mom, Consultant & Environmental Advocate working on current issues to help move people & planet in a positive direction.
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