Dirty Oil Debacle

This is not a debate about the oil sands. The NEB List of Issues clearly states that upstream and downstream effects (i.e. climate change), as well as the impact of oil sands development will not be considered in the upcoming hearing. The Line 9 debate is about community safety and environmental protection. Although the pipeline has been buried beneath the feet of the more than 9 million people living within 50 km for the past 40 years, many were not aware of it. The proposed Enbridge reversal brings to light the mere presence of the line and places a spotlight on the company’s troublesome safety record. Going green will be a transition. We MUST think rationally and take all possible measures to minimize risk along the way. If there is a NEED for a west to east pipeline, it should be built to the engineering codes of today, consider both upstream and downstream activities, and be subject to a complete environmental assessment. 

About Emily Ferguson

Proud Mom, Consultant & Environmental Advocate working on current issues to help move people & planet in a positive direction.
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